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Welcome to the Caltech Bone Health Study homepage!

We seeking participants, regardless of health background, to take part in our study examining a new, non-invasive technique for measuring changes in bone health. Participation involves submitting a urine sample and completing a brief medical questionnaire. Participants are eligible for $10 compensation per sample submitted (up to 10 samples).

How to participate:

(1) Pick up a sample collection kit.

You can pick up a collection kit at our study booth:

Red Door Cafe (every Tuesday 11AM–2PM)

Charles Arms Laboratory (every Thursday, 11AM – 2PM).

Still having trouble getting a kit? Email us at

Feel free to take a kit for non-Caltech members who are interested in participating in the study.

(2) Follow the instructions in the kit.

Use your kit to give informed consent following this link. Once you have given consent, fill the questionnaire following this link (You will need your sample collection kit to fill the questionnaire). Once you've done that, it's time to collect your sample!

(3) Submit your sample!

Please submit your sample into the drop-box in the Seeley W. Mudd Laboratory (North Mudd). Enter the building using the doors facing the courtyard. The dropbox can be found immediately to the right hand side, by the pigeon holes.

Sample drop off

Tell your family and friends!

We are also recruiting non-Caltech members into the study, regardless of health background. Feel free to take a sample kit for family and friends who are Caltech or non-Caltech members.

Any questions?

If you have any further questions about the study please do not hesitate to contact a member of the research team at

This study is IRB approved (Protocol number: 21-1172).